Will Calhoun of Living Colour

7x14 Black Walnut w/rings

Natural Satin

Will Calhoun of Living Colour

6x14 10 ply North American Rock Maple

Rare Yellow SAMADHI Print

"That snare is a BEAST!! It sounds fan-f*cking-tasti

Leesa Harrington-Squyres (Endorser)

Band: Lez Zeppelin


contact: [email protected] 

"This thing is GORGEOUS! It sounds so KILLER! Every tech everywhere I go says it sounds AWESOME!"

Sarah Tomek-

Limited Edition BERLIN Series Snare Drum

Maggie Rose, Babe Beull, Glen Bertnik, Loving Mary & Steve Tyler (Aerosmith). 

Out of the box, the drum District Drum Company built for me was absolutely beautiful! The drum sounds so awesome and alive! The sensitivity is fantastic and "the rim shots are like a friggin' rifle shot!" I love this drum!!! Thanx District Drum Company!!!"

Steve Archer (Endorser)

Band: The Blue Lords & Sea of Souls

Contact: www.bluelordsband.com

(former bands: The States, Bam Bam, Wild Kingdom)

"This drum TOTALLY ROCKS! It gives me everything I need in a great snare! The projection is AWESOME and its making me wanna play more ghostnotes! I LOVE THIS DRUM!"

Rob San Pietro (Endorser)

Band: Hot Buttered Elvis & Stix & Bonz

Contact: [email protected]

(former bands: The Meatmen) 

"WOW! This drum is Perfect! Its Loud and I LOVE it!"

Mike Boggs (Endorser)

Band: Independant Artist

Former Band: The Transmissions 

Tahrah Andrews (Endorser)

Band: The Machine, NYC 

These drums are SO BEAUTIFUL! I almost don't want to 'Hit Them Hard!"

Ron Saint Germain

Producer NYC

These drums are SO BEAUTIFUL! I almost don't want to 'Hit Them Hard!"

Ron Saint Germain

Producer NYC

This drum is truly AMAZING! I love the craftsmanship. It is perfection."

George Erickson (Endorser)

f. of Adrian H. and the Wounds and David J. 

"This drum holds up to what ever I need to put it through. No worry about tuning. She holds it!"

Jane Boxall (Endorser)

Independent Musician

(formerly of Doll Fight!) 

“The level of service at District Drum Company is fantastic. This drum looks and sounds INCREDIBLE! From the 1st time I saw it and everytime I play it, it truly is everything I have been wanting in a Great Rock-n-Roll drum! Thank you District Drum Company for building such a KILLER DRUM! "

Rob San Pietro (Endorser)

Band: Hot Buttered Elvis & Stix & Bonez

Contact: [email protected]

(former bands: The Meatmen)

Patty Schemel, L.A.

Band: The Cold and Lovely and HOLE 

"When I recieved my drum, the crafsmanship was completely professional and the assembly was perfect. Both rims shots and clicks sound GREAT! I get compliments regularly! Several fans and regulars are asking me if my drum is a DW"... what better comparison can there be? Thank you District Drum Company! Russell

Scarborough Owner: Russells Music World, Norfolk, Va. Contact: [email protected]

"This drum is totally Rockin! I love my Drum! Thanks District Drum Company!"

Debbie Flood, Richmond

(Former Bands: Disappear Fear, The Bush League, Touring drummer and Love Knot)

"This is a great sounding snare.I highly recommend District Drum Company and congratulate them on a polished and professional product".

Nigel Twist

(Former Band: The Alarm)

"Thanks so much, District Drum Company. I was sick on our last tour and this snare really cut through everything! I really love your drums!"

Les Warner

Band: The Batusis

(Former Band: The Cult)

contact: www.lezwarner.com 

Kasey Peters (Endorser)

Kasey Peters Drum Clinic

Belfast, Northern Ireland

"This drum sounds Killer!

Anthony San Pietro (Endorser)

Band: Wiyked Martyr 

Freddie McCullough, L.A. (Endorser)

Band: Independant Artist

(f. of Kittenhead, L.A.)

Queen V, NYC



 Mindy Abovitz, NYC

Tom Tom Magazine Executive Editor 

 Mindy Abovitz, NYC

Tom Tom Magazine Executive Editor 

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